During Alert level 3 we will be doing online and click & collect orders only


We will be stocking a range of dried goods including flours, pulses, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and much more. In addition to this we will offer a range of small batch handcrafted staples such as jams, chutneys and nut butters. Our aim is to stock all those pantry essentials that are usually prime culprits when it comes to excessive plastic packaging.

Household & Cleaning

We will be providing a range of cleaning products and home wares to help reduce plastic waste around the household. Many of these products such as beeswax food coverings, knitted cotton dishcloths and reclaimed timber drying racks are handcrafted by local people. Whilst we will be stocking a limited range of ready-made eco friendly cleaning products we will also be stocking ingredients such as vinegar, essential oils and baking soda which all make up the “backbone” of home-made cleaning supplies. Plastic-free dish brushes, washable re-usable hemp tea bags and stainless steel clothes pegs are all among the items you can expect to find when you shop at Be Free Grocer.

On the go

Simply stepping out the door each morning or traveling without generating heaps of plastic waste can be a bit daunting. Luckily though our little team has your back which is why we stock a range of ‘on the go’ essentials that take the stress out preparing for your day whether it’s a day at work, a trip to the fruit and veg store or a daytrip somewhere exciting we’ve got you covered. We stock reusable canvas bags, handmade produce bags, stainless steel straws, handmade cutlery wraps, stainless steel water bottles and coffee cups.

Personal Care

We stock a range of plastic-free personal care products including beautiful artisan soaps and shampoo bars, plastic free essential oils, feminine hygiene products, dental care supplies and much more. Local and New Zealand-wide artisans handcraft many of our personal care products.