Wendyl’s Natural San Soaker

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Natural-San Oxygen Soaker (formerly Wendyl-San) is a laundry soaker, stain remover and and sanitiser that contains no nasty chemicals. It’s very good at getting stains out and making whites whiter.

In our busy lives with work, families and pets we often find ourselves in places where germs gather. Most laundry detergents will get your clothes clean but won’t kill the germs.

Natural-San Oxygen Soaker contains oxy bleach (sodium percarbonate) which sanitises as it cleans before breaking down harmlessly in the environment to oxygen and water, and soda ash (sodium carbonate) which cleans, softens the water and is a powerful stain remover and brightener when mixed with oxy bleach. Soda Ash is made from a naturally occurring salt and is baking sodas more powerful relative.

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