Tea/Coffee Bag Kit


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  • NativeLoom is  a New Zealand based social enterprise . Helping to preserve Aotearoa’s waterways and the environment is central to our ethos. NativeLoom empower artisan and weaver community clusters in India.We produce natural fibre based textile products that support ecological balance and also sustain livelihoods.
  • Now enjoy your favourite beverage in the most sustainable way. Eco-T bags are compostable, portable & bleach free.
  • One Eco-T kit contains 4 tea bags (each 12×10 cms) inside a jute pouch that doubles as a storage for wet and dry use.
  • Each bag can hold to 2 table spoons of loose-tea leaf or coffee.
  • Light weight unbleached organic cotton with drawstring closure.
  • Stitched by lovely Women at Tulasi Unit, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Hours in Making: 12 man hours

Environmental benefit of product

  • Did you know that most teabags now contain plastic? By using reusable teabags and loose leaf tea we can cut down on the amount of waste going to landfill.

Use/care instructions

  • Wash bag in cold water before first use. After use, turn inside out and wash in cold water. Air dry, use, rinse and repeat. Please note slight shrinkage and discoloration from the tannins in tea and coffee is normal.

Disposal of packaging

  • Native Loom Teabags come in a handy hessian bag which can be used for multiple purposes such as a bulk-food bag.
  • For Info about how to dispose of our courier bag check out our packaging and postage page here

Disposal of product

  • NativeLoom tea bags are very well made so provided they are well cared for they should last a long time. However, when they do eventually wear out they can be composted.


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