Cotton Soap Savers


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  • So you’ve switched to soap bars to avoid the associated plastic packing that comes with shower gel but the tiny little bits of left over soap are driving you nuts? Chuck them all in the soap saver bag together and then use the bag as a louffer, it’ll hold all those pesky little bits of soap together and make sure you get every last penny’s worth out of your bars.
  • 100% cotton  hand-crotched soap savers.
  • 11x 8cm
Environmental benefit of product
  • Ditch plastic bottles and switch back to the humble bar of soap with this little beauty that’ll help you make use of every single bit.
Use/care instructions
  • Think of these like a cotton flannel- to keep them hygienic hang them somewhere that they can dry out between use (you can leave the soap in them) and make sure you machine wash them as needed.
Disposal of packaging
  • This product won’t come with any packaging other than the courier bag/box please check out our packaging pager here
Disposal of product
  • This product will last for years (ours has been in use for a year and is still going very strong). When they do eventually wear our you could compost them.
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