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Choose from marigold or scattering flower design. Both designs have a seeded paper heart on the inside so that the recipient can plant this and grow wild flowers.

From their website…”Giving ‘Seeds of Love’ started as in initiative that offered a way for people to spend meaningful time and check in with each other, especially our children, after the events of the 15th of March in Christchurch. Our founder Rebecca Parnham is a social worker and worked with children who were struggling with anxiety after the Canterbury earthquakes. This initiative was initially about offering a process and advice in the aftermath of the events but has since grown and evolved into a proactive approach to promoting a more cohesive society. We believe that when we get to know each other we see that we have more similarities than differences. The workshops are designed to offer the opportunity to make connections with those from different backgrounds and with different beliefs or simply to offer an opportunity to have conversations with each other about our differences.”

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