Rethink Nut Mylk Bags 3 Pack


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  • Ever wanted to make your own milk alternative? Now’s your chance, with our super-fine voile bags. Use them to make delicious homemade nut mylks and silky-smooth dairy alternatives to put in smoothies, coffee, teas and more. 

These Certified Organic bags are kind to the environment – made from premium, unbleached Indian cotton and 100% biodegradable. 

  • 3 Pack- 23.5cm x 30cm
  • Used to strain the liquid away from the ground nuts or oats when making plant mylk.
  • These bags are made from premium, sustainably produced, Certified Organic, unbleached Indian cotton
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Double-pull drawstring
Environemntal benefit of product
  • Love plant mylks but hate the tetra packs they come in? These bags make zero-waste DIY oat and nut mylk making a breeze.
Use/care instructions
  • Thoroughly hand wash after each use in warm water making sure to remove all remnants, and completely dry before storing.
  • To keep the bags sterile place in piping-hot, boiled water before use.Gentle machine wash and line dry.
  • Practice good kitchen hygiene and always sterilise bags before use.
Disposal of packaging
  • Re-think Nut mylk bags come in completely plastic-free cardboard packaging so you can compost or recycle the box
  • For tips about how to dispose of your courier bags check out our postage and packaging page here.
Disposal of product
  • When this product reaches the end of its life it can be composted.


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