Totally Balmy Natural Baby Soap


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At last, a natural soap bar for babies.

Babies have such delicate skin that it can be confusing knowing what to use. When I had my first child I was uncomfortable with the list of ingredients I saw on baby products. This discomfort led to many of the products you’ll find on this website.

Some people use only water in their baby’s bath which is absolutely fine. Others prefer to use some form of cleansing product. If you fall into the second category, yet have sensitive skin, what do you do?

Do you or your baby have sensitive skin?

This bar may be perfect for you. Made for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

These bars are made with simple, and nourishing ingredients, and without palm oil.

Totally Balmy’s baby soap is simple, nourishing, and designed to be effective on even the most sensitive skin. Try it, and you may find you love it.

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