Luffa Kitchen Scourer


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  • Natural scouring pad for kitchen and household general cleaning. Suitable for nearly all surfaces. Long lasting and great alternative to synthetic scouring pads.
  • About Iberluffa Products: All the Iberluffa products come from organic, sustainable, bee friendly and spray free agriculture helping to re-activate rural areas in Galicia (North of Spain) and North Portugal.
  • No chemicals are used during the whole production process
  • The products are all hand made and 100% compostable (thread is 100% cotton)
  • Iberluffa is the biggest luffa producer in all Europe and the only luffa producer that treats the luffas for a minimum of 100 hours at 43 degrees (Celsius) in natural sulphurous geothermal hot springs in the thermal village of Caldas de Reis, Galicia (Spain). This process provides the sponges with unique therapeutic properties and makes them mould resistant (therefore the sponges last longer).

Environmental benefit of product

  • Washing your dishes with a natural fibre ensures that plastic microfibres aren’t going down the drain and entering our waterways.

Use/care instructions

  • Just as you would do with cotton wash cloths, you’ll need to care for your luffa products in the same way to keep them gorgeous and hygienic. Make sure you hang you luffa between uses so that it can dry out. You can also put them through the washing machine in a delicates bag every now and then to give them a good thorough clean.

Disposal of packaging

  • This scourer simply comes with an info label that can be recycled or composted.
  • For tips about disposing of our courier bags check out our postage and packaging page here.

Disposal of product

  • These luffa scourers are made to last but when they do eventually wear out they can be composted.


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