Wendyl’s Lemon Dishwash Powder

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Natural Lemon Dish Wash Powder

For sparkling clean dishes with no nasty residue. Tough on grease and grime. No nasty chemicals.

Check out Product Info for Use Directions.

Other Information 

If you live in an area with particularly hard water you’ll need to add 2 Tbsp of Green Goddess Premium Soda Ash to the tub/bag and mix well. 

Not suitable for silver, antique or painted porcelain, ivory, and bone items.

For perfect results clean your machine by wiping down with Green Goddess Peppermint Cleaning Paste then run through a cup of Green Goddess Double Strength Premium White Vinegar and throughly clean filters.

Side note:  Regular commercial dishwasher powder contains all sorts of nasty chemicals that you don’t want washed down your drain or sprayed all over your dishes.

The main ingredients of concern are phosphates which pass through to rivers and waterways encouraging algal growth which inhibits the natural ecosystem as well as the chlorine and artificial fragrances which can contain any number of harmful chemicals.


Add one tablespoon to your dishwashers dispenser. For best results add Green Goddess Double Strength Premium White Vinegar to the rinse aid compartment.


This lemon scented natural dish wash powder contains only three ingredients! Borax, Citric Acid and Lemon Essential Oil.

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