La Finca Rose Moisturiser (Intensive Care) Cream 65mL



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A nutrient-rich cream to help revive and rejuvenate skin. Especially recommended for dry, mature skin.

Purified water, Hazelnut oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Emulsifying Compound (plant sourced), Shea butter, Grapefruit Seed extract, Rosehip oil, Cetearyl alcohol (coconut derived), Vitamin E, Evening Primrose, Vitamins B5, Jojoba oil, Vitamin A, Palmarosa oil, Rose essential oil and Rose Geranium.
All La Finca Herbs skincare products are hand prepared in small batches at La Finca Herbs site in the peaceful surroundings of rural Manawatu, New Zealand, by the lovely Maria.
Why choose La Finca Herbs skincare products:
Paraben-free, no mineral oils, no synthetic chemicals or preservatives, no GM ingredients, no animal testing. These products contain bioactive herbal extracts, plant oils, vitamins, and other natural ingredients carefully chosen for their hydrating and nourishing properties.