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How do I use kelp seasonings when cooking?

Kelp Powder is quite fine and can be used as a condiment and/or a supplement when baking or making smoothies. It adds depth of flavour to breads and pastries and is a great ingredient to use as a supplement in cereals. Kelp Granules look like cracked pepper and can be used as seasonings &/or nutritional supplement in soups, stews and other simmering dishes. Kelp granules release their goodness during cooking, add flavour, tenderise and add texture to a gravy. With a naturally salty taste, rich iodine content, and a better balance of minerals than salt, Kelp granules can often be a positive alternative to salt in cooking.

Where are the ingredients in Kelp seasoning sourced from?

Our Kelp is wild-harvested sustainably from designated coastal areas in New Zealand and tested for contaminants. Pacific Harvest chose Ecklonia radiata (also called North Island Kelp), for its mild flavour and speckled colour. Our kelp comes from untouched areas of the North Island of New Zealand. It is harvested by hand from the wild, cleaned by hand, naturally dried and milled into powder and granules Other ingredients are naturally derived, free from genetically modified ingredients.


People with thyroid conditions and iodine allergies should consult their doctor. 

Cooking with Kelp seasonings. Kelp is recognised for its iodine levels which are the highest of all sea vegetables, and is also an excellent source of trace minerals, vitamins and detoxifying fibre. Consume in moderate quantities to stay within the RDI for iodine.