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Empower Children to Love Herbs

The concept of children’s books to inspire a connection with nature is the latest brainchild of a local author, Lynn Kirkland. Well known as the founder of the Herb Farm in rural Manawatu, Lynn’s latest inspiration is writing children’s books which teach children about herbs in a fun engaging way.

Lynn’s background as a teacher, herbalist and author as well as a grandmother gives her the ideal credentials to be now producing books to connect children with the healing powers of herbs. The stories are written by Lynn with her herbal knowledge. They are illustrated by Craig Kirkland, Lynn’s son who has an amazing talent to draw the herbs as characters which children find delightful.

The books are set in Herb World which has been created at the Herb Farm for visitors young and old to enjoy exploring the communities of gnomes, elves and fairies.


Miss Calendula Saves the Day-She is called Little Miss Fix It because she is happiest when she is helping her little friends in Herb World healing their cuts, sore eyes, and softening dry skin with her balm. Eat her petals in cookies and you will be able to see fairies.

Sir Thyme Slays the Germs-this herb has tiny leaves but they are so powerful they send the germs away. Sir Thyme is a knight and lives in a castle at Herb World and the Thyme family are ready to slay those germs at the first sign of coughs and colds. They show how size doesn’t matter when it comes to strength.

Nurse Lavender to the Rescue-she is gentle, soothing and healing using her oil to relax and calm anxiety as well as stopping the sting of insect bites. She helps a nervous Fairy to pass her flying test as well as showing the elves how to use lavender to help get a good sleep.

Professor Rosemary Shares His Secret-he helps students perform well at their exams by sharing his secret weapon. The elves who follow his advice get great results but there is one sceptical elf who thinks he is talking rubbish and therefore he fails his exams. He also shares his special Rosemary Fruit Cake recipe which is so simple and so delicious.

Allie Aloe: The Coolest Herb in the Garden-use aloe for burns, bites, itches and more and you will feel the coolness of the healing gel. Allie is cool by personality and speaks in raps to get his healing messages across to the little folk in Herb World.

Herb World Eco-Heroes-humans have been littering in Herb World and the elves discover from their Book of Prophecies that there is a prophecy for 2020 that there will be dire consequences for the world if changes are not made and that “little folk” will lead the way.

They find an old newspaper in the garden which says that school children have protested to the government.

A meeting is held and the elves, gnomes and fairies who live in Herb World decide to go to Wellington to see the Prime Minister!  Tips on being an Eco-Hero are included in the book.

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