Hand Knitted Cotton Dish Cloth


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  • These gorgeous 100% cotton dish cloths are hand knitted in Palmy. They can be used over and over and over again, machine washed and hung out to dry.
  • Approximately 19cmx 19cm
  • Due to the unique knit pattern the cloth wont become misshapen over time.
  • The pattern also acts as a gentle scourer.


Environmental benefit of this product

  • Household drains are a major waste-stream out of our homes by which microfibres enter our waters ways. Most supermarket brand dish cloths or scouring pads contain plastic microfibres which will shed plastic fibres each time you do the dishes.


Use/care instructions

  • Machine wash before first use and as needed thereafter.
  • After machine washing allow to completely dry out before re using.
  • After each individual use hang the cloth so that it can air out and dry.


Disposal of packaging

  • This product won’t come with any packaging other than the courier bag/box, please check our courier packaging disposal info here.


Disposal of product

  • Just like a cotton face cloth this product will last for years (ours has been in use for a year and is still going very strong). When they do eventually wear our you could compost them 🙂


Additional information

Weight.028 kg

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