Florence Toilet Brush


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The Florence toilet brush is sourced from a quality manufacturers in Germany. The premium German brushware preprents dedaces of tradition and craftsmanship; each hand-finished piece is not only beautiful and charming, but also practical.

The Toilet brush is:
  • Made of Beechwood
  • Bristles are made from sisal and piassava fibre
  • Vegan
  • Brush is compostable
  • Sustainabliy sourced
  • Environmentally friendly raw materials have been used in the manufacturing of this brush
  • Dimension are 390mm (110X 95mm head)

Sisal is a very robust fibre from a cactus species grown in Africa. The fibres are strong and durable and do not absorb water easily. Unbleached sisal is a golden creamy colour. Piassava is a coarse, elastic palm fibre originating from West Africa and South America.

Use/care instructions
  • Use then rinse clean (hold brush over toilet and pour clean water over it), gently shake excess water off whilst holding brush over the bowl. Store brush in such a way that it can dry out between uses.
Disposal of packaging
  • This toilet brush is packaging-free- simply place the cardboard label in the compost or recycling bin.
  • For tips about disposing of our courier bag check out our postage and packaging page here