EcoCoconut Scourer


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  • Twin pack
  • The economical choice for kitchens and bathrooms. A biodegradable and highly durable multipurpose scourer that has been designed to meet style with sustainability and with all the functionalities to deliver a superior clean in your home.
  • Cuts through tough grease and is safe on non-stick fry pans
  • Non Scratch
  • Designed to get into hard to reach places
  • Easily removes mold
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk’s which is the outside of dried coconuts.
  • All products and their packaging materials are 100% Plastic Free, this includes labels and tape.

Environmental benefit of product

  • Natural bristles mean that micro plastics aren’t going down the drain each time you wash the dishes.

Use/care instructions

  • rinse after use and hang to dry

Disposal of packaging

  • EcoCoconut packaging is plastic free and is compostable or recyclable.
  • For tips for the disposal of our courier bags check out our postage and packaging page here.

Disposal of product

  • When the product reaches the end of its life seperate the component parts: compost the bristles, place wire in recycling.

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