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With a strong focus on the reduction of waste. At Earth Candles Co. they salvage empty beer bottles from friends and various local businesses (in and around the Warkworth and Matakana area) and repurpose them into our favourite natural soy wax candles. They start the process by de-labelling and cleaning all bottles, then carefully cut the top off each bottle, and finally, grind and polish the edge leaving a smooth surface and completing the vessel in preparation for filling.

Earth Candles bring beautiful fragrances and soothing warm light to all spaces.

All Earth Candles are handmade in New Zealand using the finest materials available, including one hundred percent premium pure soy wax and cotton wicks. All candles are non-toxic, free of any additives, dyes, paraffin, petroleum and phthalates.


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Buzz Off
Formulated and poured with a unique blend of Eucalyptus & Citronella essential oils. Designed to repel flies and mosquitoes.
Cape Reinga Cliffs
Revisit the place where two great water bodies clash before they merge. Breathe in the fresh and delightful fragrance of Cape Reinga Cliffs, a perfume that embodies the spirit of a place where an ancient Pohutukawa tree grows. With the initial whiff of bamboo, lime and ginger, the fragrance finally settles into the woodsy delicious fragrance of black cardamom and sandalwood with mid floral notes of Lily of the Valley and Jasmine.
Cooks Candle
Designed to neutralise nasty cooking odours from your home after the cooking is done and the meal enjoyed. A unique fragrance blend of Vanilla, Bergamot and Basil leaves your home smelling wonderfully fresh.
Lake Wanaka Retreat
Take relaxation to a whole new location. Enjoy a clean and delicate combination of bergamot, jasmine, ylang-ylang, infused with grounding rosewood fragrance oils reminiscent of the earthy and woodsy fragrance of trees by the lake. With top notes of bergamot and jasmine hints of the flowers growing among the trees.
Raglan Vibes
Feel the vibes of this hippy seaside town. Breathe in the smell of the sun, sand, sea and surf at the spritz of Raglan Vibes a perfume inspired from the sights, sounds and smell of the town of Raglan. The fresh citrus and tropical fruit fragrances form the top notes that slowly meld into deeper spicy notes, so reminiscent of the vibrant and lovely Raglan and its community.
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