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This duo are the dream team. In this pack you have our real castile soap concentrate and Wendyl’s Natural Recipes for a Cleaner Life. A lot of the Wendyl’s cleaning products recipes call for castile soap. However, real zero-waste castile at an affordable price can be a little hard to come by so we thought we’d combine the two into one awesome package.

Castile soap ingredients:
  • Distilled rain water
  • Spray-free New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Potassium hydroxide (analytical grade)* no potassium hydroxide remains after saponification into soap and glycerol.
Use/care instructions for castile soap: 
  • Foaming Hand Soap
    The following dilution is recommended. Add 1/4 cup of Castile Soap to a 250 mL foaming soap bottle and top up with cool distilled water. Invert gently to mix.
    Note: The product does not have the same shelf-life when diluted.
  • Body Cleanser
    Tip a small amount directly onto a wet washcloth. You can also use the foaming soap method for this purpose.
  • Or use as directed in Wendyl’s cleaning product recipes.

Description of book:


  • Natural Recipes for a Cleaner Life – 100% natural, green, healthy and handmade in your home. With over 230 pages packed with hundreds of recipes, DIY hints and great tips to keep your family safe and living a natural, chemical free life.
  • This is the ultimate collection of recipes for a cleaner, greener, simpler life – a comprehensive handbook of natural home cleaning products, natural beauty and body products, natural food and natural garden care.
  • Natural Recipes for a Cleaner Life includes hundreds of old-fashioned recipes for everything from cleaners to crumpets, soap and seed cake, washing powder to wine and much much more.
Disposal of packaging
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