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Refined Coconut Oil

RBD coconut oil has been processed in some way to remove the coconut flavour. This allows the oil to be more versatile as a cooking oil (for example your fried eggs just taste like eggs, not coconut eggs!) as well as more versatile for use in skin care products or soaps.

RBD coconut oil is also much cheaper to produce commercially than Virgin coconut oil. Islanders are able to produce the oil without the food-safety concerns associated with producing the virgin oil. Smaller villages and families are able to produce oil with simple, traditional equipment rather than expensive factories.

There are several ways an oil is refined. Because coconut oil is such a chemically stable oil, it is very easy to refine without causing oxidation or a reduction in the quality.

At Blue Coconut, our refined oil is produced using a process referred to as ‘physical refining’. As the term suggests, this process relies on physical methods more than chemical methods to refine the oil.

The Blue Coconut refining process

  • Coconuts are collected, air dried and processed into oil by the villagers. This is a very simple and traditional process where the oil is mechanically ‘squashed’ out of the coconuts, without the use of chemicals or heat. This is performed by villagers using traditional machinery.
  • The coconut oil travels to New Zealand, where it is refined.

Firstly, it is passed through absorptive clays to remove impurities. It is then heated in a vacuum to separate the more volatile flavour oils, which are then removed by distillation. Citric acid is the only chemical used in our refining process – the same substance that naturally occurs in citrus fruit!

Our mission is to provide our customers with great food without the packaging waste which is why we want to offer all our customers a packaging reuse system. Next to each food item you will see the following check boxes “jar” “onya bag” “cotton bag” and “my containers”. If you don’t select any of these options we will pack your order into food-grade brown paper bags. These bags are able to be composted in a home compost. However, those brown paper bags are a resource that takes a lot of energy to create and if they find their way to landfill they emit methane and other greenhouse gases. The last thing we want is to contribute to any landfill therefore we have come up with options outlined below to help reduce packaging waste :)

How it works for jars

The cost of the glass jar is a deposit, if you’re local you can bring the jars back to us for a $1 refund and we will sterilise and reuse them.

How it works for bags

You have the choice of an ONYA bulk food bag or a Native Loom organic cotton bulk bag. When you choose either of these options you are paying cost price for a beautiful reusable product and we fill place your food items straight into a new bag. Once you’ve shopped with us three times we will then send you a postage paid courier bag so that you can send your clean, empty bags back to us to be refilled.

How it works for "my containers"

If you are local you can use your own containers, simply place your order online then drop your clean and dry containers off in store, we will then fill your containers and let you know when they are ready to be collected or send then back to you via local courier.

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