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Why Choose Bear & Moo Modern Cloth Nappies?

  • Reusable pocket cloth nappies are cheaper than disposable nappies
  • Reusable nappies are a better choice for the environment
  • Our cloth nappies have adjustable domes so one size fits most (OSFM) from 3.5kg to 18kg
  • Our One Size Fits Most nappies come with one four-layer microfibre insert
  • Bear and Moo nappies are especially made using waterproof PUL with a synthetic suede lining for whicking moisture away quickly.
  • Designed in New Zealand for kiwi kids – support local and shop small

Absorption varies because every baby and child is different. If one insert is not enough for your wee one, you can easily add additional inserts to these nappies to help with absorption.

If you are planning to use these nappies at night, I would highly recommend boosting these as little ones tend to wet more overnight.