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Why Choose Bear & Moo Breast Pads?

Bear & Moo reusable breast pads are super thick and absorbent, with two layers of microfibre, one of PUL to keep them waterproof, and a layer of soft bamboo to go against the skin for optimum comfort.

Our breast pads are large with a diameter of approx 12.5cm, which sit nicely underneath your clothing.

Reducing mastitis and infection is crucial during breastfeeding, ensure you are changing your breast pads out regularly dependent on milk flow, and washing them within 24 hours.

To ensure these breast pads reach their full absorbency capacity, we recommend soaking them in water for 24 hours before use.  Place them in a bucket with water, and once they have sunk to the bottom and no longer float, pop them in the machine to wash them and then they will be good to go.