Postage & Packaging FAQ’s

What are your postage costs?

Check out our Courier Rates page for shipping rates.

What type of postal packaging do you use?

Our most important consideration with postage, in fact our most important consideration for selling online, was that we find postage and packing solutions that aligned with our ethos. Of course any plastic courier packaging was out- that was a given. We decided to use good old-fashioned cardboard and paper-based packaging for the reasons outlined below.

Our main aim is to keep every single piece of packaging that we send to you out of landfill. To do this we choose our packaging carefully and equip you with the info you need to compost or recycle your packaging and end of life products effectively and responsibly.

Why cardboard over Bio-plastic courier bags?

After a lot of thought and research we decided to go down the route of cardboard packaging rather than compostable bio-plastic packaging. Our main rationale is that we wanted the packaging we chose to be both home compostable and recyclable.  Most New Zealanders have access to one of these options but many do not have access to both. Therefore, if we are to ensure that our packaging stays out of landfill then we need to send you something that is versatile enough that it can be reused, composted or recycled.

Our three main reasons for shying away from bio-plastic courier bags:

  1. Bio-plastics, such as plant based courier bags, can often only be commercially composted. Most New Zealander’s don’t have access to commercial composting facilities without going drastically out of their way.
  2. Secondly, even bio-plastics that are certified home compostable tend to take a long time, usually upwards of 3 months, to break down in a home-compost.
  3. Thirdly, many bio-plastics can’t be recycled and may actually contaminate recycling streams.

I placed a large order and it was delivered in a random box with someone else’s branding on it. What’s up with that?

Whilst the R3pack courier products that we use are made from recycled paper its always best to REUSE a resource as many times as possible.  We have many suppliers who send orders to our bricks and mortar store in boxes of various shapes and sizes – if any of these boxes are suitable for your order we may well reuse them cause that just makes good zero-waste sense.

If I order something that’s breakable how will you package it?

Well, we have quite a few options up our sleeve for this situation and your order could come with any of the following to cushion and protect it.

  • Paper- a lot of our larger suppliers use paper to cushion our orders and yup you guessed it we hoard it so we can reuse it. You can recycle this, compost it or burn it if you have a wood fire.
  • Shredded paper- our bricks and mortar store is located within a large building that is home to several office spaces- whilst they are trying to go paperless some print is unavoidable and hence any sensitive docs that are no longer required will be shredded and sent our way for packaging- don’t ya love it, talk about symbiosis.
  • Woodwool- we scored a gigantic box of woodwool off a friend- its compostable or can be placed on your garden bed as mulch.
  • R3pack also make a very effective paper based bubble wrap alternative- this can be composted or recycled.


Can I compost the tape you have used?

Yes we use the R3pack Kraft paper based packaging tape so it can go in your compost or leave it on the box when you place it in your recycling bin.

What should I do when the product reaches the end of its life?

For info on the best way to dispose of the product please see the details on the products themselves.

What should I do with the products packaging when I have finished the product or unwrapped it?

For info on the best way to dispose of product packaging please see the details on the products themselves.

Got another question about postage or packaging? Please feel free to contact us.
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