Personal Care Products

Skin Care

La Finca Acne Cream
La Finca Avocado Night Cream
La Finca Cleanser
La Finca Facial Toner
La Finca Hand Cream
La Finca Lemongrass Body Cream
La Finca Lip Balm
La Finca Moisturising Day Cream
La Finca Moisturising Day Cream

With SPF

Kereru Rose & Marshmellow Cleanser
Underground Soapery Solid Lotion Bar

Soaps & Bodywash

Littlefoot Bodywash Refill
Littlefoot Handwash Refill
Pure Locally Made Castille Soap
Artisan Soaps

A range of artisan hand, face & body soaps


Dent Tabs

With or without flouride

Do Gooder Adult Bamboo Toothbrush
Do Gooder Adult Bamboo Toothbrush
Do Gooder Kids Bamboo Toothbrush
Do Gooder Floss


Solid Shampoo Bars

Selection of solid shampoo bars

Totally Balmy Conditioner Bars
Nature Body Nettle Conditioner
Littlefoot Shampoo Refill
Littlefoot Conditioner Refill
MiEco Bamboo Hairbrush - Small
MiEco Bamboo Hairbrush - Large


Albatross Flagship Safety Razor

Includes 10 replacement blades

Albatross Safety Razor

replacement blades 10 pack

Totally Balmy Conditioner Bars


Go Bamboo Cotton Buds
Luffa Vegan Body Sponge
Luffa Vegan Soap Case
Luffa Facial Exfoliating Disc
Bath Bombs
Bubble Bath
Makeup Wipes
Hand-Knitted Makeupwipes
Vegan Lip Balm
Patch Bandaids
Ecomax Body Brush


Biork Crystal Deodorant

In compostable cork packaging

Nature Body Deoderant

Vegan & Probiotic

Oh Goodness Deodorant

Baking soda free


Nature Body Magnesium Body Mousse
Kereru Cold Balm
Kereru Arnica Balm

Woman & Baby

Days for Girls Menstrual Pads

4 Pack

Danu Flow Pads
Mum & Bubs Tea
Traditional Cloth Nappy

6 pack

Infant Prefolds

6 pack

Nappy Covers

6 Pack

Breast Pads
$6 per set
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