Climate Crisis

Climate crisis

Hey team, I've been working on this lil blog which outlines some of the ways that I want to challenge myself to do more in response to our climate crisis. Change is hard but we have to change so let's support each other. What are you working on in 2020? XoxBelow are the notes I wrote so I didn't get too off topic…I can’t stop my brain from thinking about the fires that are ravaging our planet. Whilst the fires in Australia are tragic, catastrophic and unprecedented we also lost millions of hectares of tropical rainforest across South America, Africa and Asia in 2019. To date the record high occurred in 2016 when the tropics lost 17 million hectares of tree cover of which about 6 million of that was primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense type of forest in the world, there are fears the fires of 2019 will break that record.Those on the front lines, dealing with this crisis are in survival mode. For those of us who aren’t on the frontlines (yet), who are able to take on new challenges I feel we have a moral imperative to do so. I keep coming back to this feeling that everything we do is connected. Changes that we make in our own lives are never insignificant because societal change starts with small changes in the way individuals live their lives and it grows from there.None of us are perfect of course and we all have some impact I guess I’m passionate about challenging myself to find new ways to reduce that impact .In our day to day lives we are constantly bombarded with info about what we should be doing and there’s a huge propensity to get overwhelmed.But if we think for ourselves and train ourselves to think critically we can strip it all back to a few fundamental ideas. Basically it comes down to limiting our consumption. There isn’t going to be a silver bullet to halt climate change. What we need is significant behavioural change.We cant just sit on the sidelines and hope that progressive leaders who prioritise climate will magically come into power, we have to change ourselves and in doing so be part of this wave of societal change- that’s when we get to the happy place of the top down and bottom up approaches working together. We do need governments who prioritise climate but we also need societies that are willing to change because our current demand on finite resources just isn’t sustainable.From what I have read things like limiting meat and dairy consumption, adopting a low-waste lifestyle, buying second hand especially for things like textiles, electronics and furniture, walking, cycling using public transport more and our own vehicles less and not wasting food are some of the ways that individuals can have the biggest impact.I’m officially setting myself some new goals, I want to start cycling more and using our car less and for me weirdly, im going to stop ordering anything other than black coffee from café cause in my heart of hearts I know my alt milk has probably come from a tetra pak and once and for all I’m going to give up tissues and make myself some good old fashioned hankies. Lets support each other because changing behaviour isn't easy, please comment below to let me know what you're going to work on.

Posted by Be Free Grocer on Saturday, January 11, 2020
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