• In the past thirty years we have consumed one third of the worlds non-renewable natural resources. These are gone and can’t be replaced. Meanwhile New Zealand sends 2.5 million tons of waste to landfill every year. What we have on our hands is an unsustainable system in crisis. Natural resources are continually depleted whilst waste production rises exponentially.

  • Be Free Grocer and Square Edge Community Arts are pleased to host The Rubbish Trip's popular presentation on zero waste living in Palmerston North. Join Hannah and Liam, the Two No-Waste Nomads behind The Rubbish Trip, for an introduction to the practicalities and philosophy of waste reduction. Drawing on their own research and over four years of experience living zero waste, Hannah and Liam will guide you through the whys and the hows of life without a rubbish bin, including: What is the zero waste movement? Why is waste reduction important?

  • So here we are almost 8months on from when we opened our doors on the 22nd of Jan. And what an incredible few months it has been. We are so very grateful for the support we have received from our local community and beyond, it is both humbling and heartening. Recap to date When we first started to conceptualise what we wanted Be Free Grocer to be like one sentiment that kept being repeated was the desire to create not just a store but a hub where our community can shop sustainably,

  • What did we get upto in October? Ah lovely October- the start of Spring and the start of new and exciting things for us at Be Free Grocer as well. We’ve been busy little bees working with Charlie of Charlie Higgison Films to create a video blog that takes you behind the scenes and explains our kaupapa and how we work hard to reduce our back of house waste. We wanted to show that shopping with us can have a very real positive impact and that we have plans for the small

  • 1st: Planning Okay so here we are on the first day of what I’ve called the Be Kind Advent Calendar because I feel like being kind summarises zero waste gift giving and festivities pretty nicely, plus “the zero-waste-pay-it-forward advent calendar” was a bit of a mouthful. So what’s this all going to be about? In our diverse communities everyone will have a completely different experience of Christmas. Some LOVE the festive season, some people don’t celebrate it, some people might feel lonely and isolated at Christmas, some feel an immense financial burden. The idea

  • How important was accessibility when you were designing your store? And why was this important? Physical accessibility is extremely important to us. Our ethos is about inclusivity and thus we have put a lot of thought into how not to have a demographic. We want our store to be welcoming and financially, physically and socially accessable to all members of our community. We are passionate about engaging with our diverse community to offer waste free shopping and achieve conservation goals. Designing a space in such a way that anyone is excluded

  • Eliminating as much waste as possible from our supply chain is something we are super passionate about. In this blog we take you behind the scenes and explain the measures we take to reduce our waste as well as how we work with local growers and suppliers to circumvent waste thus, establishing local circular economies.

  • How does this all work, that's our most common question so we’ve summed up the process of weighing, filling, weighing again and paying in this handy little video.

  • Firstport interviewed us about how and why we designed our store in an accessible and inclusive way.