Be Free Grocer Back of House

Eliminating as much waste as possible from our supply chain is something we are super passionate about. In this blog we take you behind the scenes and explain the measures we take to reduce our waste as well as how we work with local growers and suppliers to circumvent waste thus, establishing local circular economies.

Be Free Grocer Back of House Waste Video Blog

Ever since we opened just over 10 months ago we have wanted to create a video blog which explained our kaupapa in more depth and took you behind the scenes to show you how our ethos drives our purchasing decisions. Thanks so very much to the wonderful Charlie of Charlie Higgison Films for making this blog a reality.Also a huge thanks to all the amazing local suppliers we work with- love what you do and we love working with you 🙂

Posted by Be Free Grocer on Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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